A Friendship Story: The Start of The Little Diner

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Many of the visitors to the Little Diner in New Jersey ask how we got our start. While most businesses have a pretty boring backstory, ours is friendly and heartwarming! Read on to find out how The Little Diner got started and how we became the great community gathering place that we are today!

Pete and Liz, the magic-makers behind The Little Diner, have been friends for over thirty years. During this time, they watched each other perform various tasks in the restaurant industry. Pete had owned a variety of diners and restaurants in NJ throughout that time, and has spent 35 years working as a chef. Pete’s passion is cooking, especially New American Cuisine.

Over the years, Pete and Liz had worked together many times in the past, and found that they worked great together! Pete had always wanted his own cozy diner near his house, and the space in New City fit the bill perfectly. Liz had managed one of Pete’s restaurants for many years, so they knew that moving forward in business would be a smart decision.

In October 2017, the Little Diner was opened! Liz and Pete continue to manage, own, operate, and cook the fantastic foods that are served each day. The diner was made to be casual and friendly, just like the owners hoped, with counter and table seating to create a welcoming atmosphere. Just like in their past endeavors, these two worked to ensure that all the food was made fresh from scratch and served with the highest expectations for customer service.

Do you have a great friend like this? If so, consider bringing them by to The Little Diner this holiday season for a great meal. Our Diner in New City serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we’re open until 9 p.m. every day except Sunday, when we close at 3 to give our staff some time to relax and enjoy with their families. We hope to see you soon!

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