Fall Foods that are Sure to Make You Hungry

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The chill of fall has settled in, and with it comes the desire for comfort foods! At The Little Diner in New York, we try to offer a wide variety of menu items that appeal to all our customers, but we know that our hungriest visitors love to fill up on special fall offerings. Here is a quick list of some of our favorite fall foods.

Pumpkin anything! The orange globe wins the prize during fall, and the flavor is showing up everywhere! While some places simply flavor their drinks and baked goods with “pumpkin spice” flavoring, we like to throw some actual vegetable into our pumpkin goodies to bring you that homemade, farm-fresh flavor!

Apple-licious. Second only to the orange vegetable, apples are a delicious staple of fall—especially in the Northeast! As the leaves change, get ready to enjoy apples of the same colors. From warm apple pie to spiced cider, this classic will bring you back to Halloween parties as a child.

Stews, soups, and casseroles. The heart of comfort food! Anything warm, soft, and easy to eat bowl upon bowl of fits into this comforting category. Surprisingly, these can be healthy options, as long as you include plenty of fresh vegetables and keep the creamy, cheesy additions to a minimum.

Warm beverages. While we love a good cup of coffee all year round, there is something special to sitting and sipping a warm, flavorful beverage as the cold weather threatens to hit! We serve a variety of coffees and teas that are guaranteed to warm you from head to toe!

What are your favorite fall foods? Check in with us on social media to share your stories, or stop by The Little Diner in New York for the best in food for all seasons.

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