Top 10 Timesavers for the Holidays

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Santa Claus may be able to visit all the good boys and girls in one night, but if you’re like most regular humans, you may find yourself scrabbling to get everything done this holiday season! When people visit our diner in NJ, we notice that they are busier and more stressed than ever. Don’t let that stress get you down! Try these top 10 timesavers for the holiday season. We know how to hustle and bustle in the restaurant industry, and we’re sharing some secrets with you!

1. Plan your time. By making a budget, you can have clear expectations and goals for yourself and others.
2. Outsource. Consider eliminating time-consuming tasks, such as cooking or cleaning, by hiring a housekeeper for a few hours or by ordering dinner online from the Little Diner!
3. Automate it. Let your phone, smart home device, crock pot, or any other automated tool make your life easier!
4. Delegate. Kids complaining about being bored over the holiday break? Put them to work and kill two birds with one mop!
5. Sleep. You may think that sleep is a waste of time, but if you need the energy to bust through a full day, getting enough rest is vital—plus, it can make you think and work faster!
6. Eat right. Don’t have time to cook? Skip the fast food and visit a high-quality restaurant in NJ, like the Little Diner, for a homemade meal.
7. Let go. Do you really need to something? If not, give yourself a break!
8. Multitask. Plenty of “time sucks” involve a lot of waiting… use that time wisely and find yourself with free time at the end of the day!
9. Postpone. Some things can wait… and that’s fine! Assess priorities and postpone what is not absolutely necessary.
10. Caffeinate. As a last resort, give yourself a “boost!” Stop by your favorite coffeehouse or diner for an energizing cup of coffee or tea.

See, look at all that spare time you have! Reward yourself with a relaxing lunch at The Little Diner in New City!

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