Top Conversation Starters for a Great Family Dinner

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We market The Little Diner, our restaurant in New City, as “the perfect place for the whole family.” But if your kids are anything like most, it can be hard to really start up a good conversation! Once they’re torn away from games, phones, and homework, how can you start a good conversation with your kids, especially one that is appropriate for a friendly public setting like a diner? We have some great conversation starters that you might want to use on your next visit!

If the internet, TV, phones, and other “tech stuff” disappeared tomorrow, what would you do all day? This is a fun question to ask over a great meal, because it may be the only time everyone is able to have a conversation without a screen interrupting. Want a bonus game? Whoever looks at their phone first (or at all) has to pay the bill, wash dishes at home, or do something silly!

If you got stuck on a deserted island for a week with just three people, who would you take and why? This question is a great way to promote creative thinking. The “why” part is very important, as you may be surprised by your child’s reasoning. Don’t forget survival tips!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Who doesn’t like superheroes? By bringing this question up with your family, you can be creative and still find out about real problems—for example, people often wish for what they feel they lack the most, such as time (time travel), physical size/strength, or magical abilities.

What food would you eat every single day if you were allowed to? This is a fun question to talk about at a diner in New City, even if we aren’t serving your favorite food (but we probably are!). This can also lead to a great follow-up discussion of the health benefits or consequences of this, and how it would probably be boring to eat the same thing every day—yes, even if that thing is “pizza” or “chocolate cake!”

No matter what you talk about, taking the kids out to a restaurant or diner in New York can help build social skills, improve communication, and start to teach the basics of finance and nutrition. We hope to see the whole family soon!

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