Top Five Benefits of Breakfast

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Remember when your parents nagged you to eat your breakfast before going off to school? It turns out that this childhood annoyance is actually great advice! Breakfast, also know as “the most important meal of the day,” really lives up to this name. We see plenty of hungry people stopping in for our all-day breakfast at our diner in New City, and we think that these top five reasons might explain why!

1. Boost your metabolism. If you’ve spent the night sleeping soundly, your metabolism has slowed way, way down to let you rest. This is good, but you want it back up and burning! Give it a kickstart by eating a healthy breakfast and you’ll feel energized in no time!

2. Avoid becoming “hangry.” You know the new term: Hangry, a combination of hungry and angry! You probably start feeling it in the middle of the morning when you skip breakfast, and by lunch, you’re ready to bite the head off the person in front of you in line. Avoid this dilemma by stopping by a diner in NY for breakfast.

3. Manage weight. Those who eat breakfast regularly are less likely to be overweight or obese… and they get to eat breakfast! The theory is that eating regularly throughout the day will keep you from overeating later, and portion your meals effectively.

4. Fight fatigue. Many people report being tired, fatigued, or even exhausted through the day… and many people don’t eat a full meal until dinner! See the dilemma? Fill your body with the protein, fuel, vitamins, and nutrients it needs by eating a good breakfast.

5. Think clearly. Just as your body needs fuel to go, so does your brain! When you eat breakfast, your attention will be better, you will learn better, and you will perform better on tests or evaluations of any sort. Not bad for a simple breakfast!

Hungry for some pancakes or omelets yet? We sure are! To get a great breakfast at any time of day, head over to the Little Diner. We’ll be happy to make it just how you like it!

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