Top Tips to Reduce Family Stress at the Holidays

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With the holiday season just around the corner, many people are starting to feel the stress! At our Little Diner in NY, we hear out staff and guests starting to plan for their holiday experiences. Would you like to take some of the edge off that stress? Read on to find out our top 3 tips for reducing the stress at the holidays!
1. Let go of some of the work. You may be the “host with the most,” but if you take on too much, your ship will sink! Let go of some of the stress and work by allowing others to help. This can be informal, such as asking guests to accompany you on a shopping trip or having the in-laws take charge of one day of meal planning, or it can be a formal arrangement, such as having a meal catered by The Little Diner.
2. Lower your expectations. Let’s face it, we’re not all going to have a greeting card-perfect holiday. That’s what makes your family and friends unique and exciting! Instead of focusing on what you “should” be doing, take time to be mindful and enjoy the experience that is right in front of your face.
3. Be silly. This is often easier for those with kids, but use the holiday season as a chance to have a little fun and actually enjoy yourself! Whether that means breaking out the cheesy karaoke machine, doing your best impression of the “Snoopy” dance, or telling jokes around a warm fire, have some time to unwind and relax.
We hope that these little tips will help you to have a stress-free, enjoyable holiday season with your friends and family! Remember to keep The Little Diner in mind for holiday meals, breakfast specials, and catering!

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