Why Catering from a Diner is a Smart Business Idea

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Most business people we know will read this headline and think, “wait… catering from a diner?” That’s right! Many of the same diners that you have loved and visited for many years are now offering catering! At The Little Diner, making the decision to cater was easy—we had customers from our diner in New City ask if we cater for personal or business events. Since then, we’ve enjoyed bringing our classic dishes to our customers for private and business gatherings. Here are some reasons why catering from a local diner is an excellent business idea.

1. You stand out. When was the last time that you went to an event that wasn’t serving sandwiches, pizza, or other “quick” fare? By having a diner in NY cater, you will set a new trend and stand out with a different variety of delicious food options.

2. The food may actually be healthy! Okay, this does depend on what you order, but most of the food from our Little Diner in New City can be pretty healthy. Compared to many catering orders, our homemade foods can give you and your business associates the energy needed to think clearly and make great decisions.

3. You build local business connections. Many places immediately turn to large chains for catering needs. When you cater with a local business, you are supporting your home community and making your neighborhood stronger.

4. You may save money. Diners have always been associated with affordable food, and this is true for catering as well! Since we don’t bother filling our food with preservatives or dressing it up in fancy packaging, those savings are directly added back to your business’s bottom line—while still bringing you and your guests an amazing meal!

For these great reasons and more, catering can be a great help to your business—and getting it from a diner is a way to think outside of the box! To get started, visit https://online.fliphtml5.com/fypi/hqco/?1513059165997#p=1 or give us a call.

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